Monday, March 21, 2005
  Terri Schiavo and the Republican Meat Grinder
If you actually believe that the hustle and bustle in the US Congress this weekend was about Terri Schiavo then I just don’t know a gentler way of breaking this to you: you are the one born every minute that P. T. Barnum was talking about in his famous quote. And if anyone tells me about “Compassionate Conservatism” I’ve got a story about a man called Santa Claus that you are going to love.

But first, let me tell you about something that happened last week in Texas. Last week in Texas a baby was pulled off life support against his mother’s wishes. Why? Because of a bill signed into effect in 1999 by then Texas Governor George W. Bush. That bill granted hospitals the right to cut off life support in cases where patients are physically AND MENTALLY alive but the prognosis is so poor that further care is deemed to be futile – if that patient has no way to pay his or her medical expenses.

The mother couldn’t pay the bill. Further care of the baby was deemed to be futile by the hospital, so under Bush’s law, they pulled all life support. Where was President Bush last week? Where was the National Right to Life Committee? Where were the “Compassionate Conservatives?” Where were the religious right-to-lifers? Where were the special congressional sessions? Lastly, Where was Tom DeLay? Could it be that saving that baby just wasn’t politically expedient because it hadn’t been making national news for years?

Just like politics had nothing to do with that baby’s life, it has nothing to do with the life of Terri Schiavo either. What it has to do with is throwing a bone to the Christian voters who voted Republican last November thinking they were voting for ethics and morality and instead, got homosexual prostitutes in the Whitehouse and social programs to feed the sick and hungry gutted one after the other. It has to do with the fear of losing 25 Republican House seats in the 2006 elections. It has to do with the smoke and mirrors so aptly used by the present administration to cover scandal and abuse of power.

According to Robert Novak, analysts at the RNC sent a memo to the House of Representatives stating that the GOP is in danger of losing 25 seats in the 2006 election. The Schiavo case "is a great political issue" for Republicans, an unsigned letter from a consultant to Republican senators sent out this weekend said. Does that sound like this is about Terri Schiavo's life or the life of anyone else on life support or does it sound more like it is about the life of this GOP-ruled congress?

No, I don’t believe in “Compassionate Conservatism” anymore than I believe in Santa Claus. I do believe in the practice of political expediency by the Neocons no matter who it hurts, who it uses, or who gets chewed up in the process. My thoughts are with the family of Terri Schiavo – all of them. I am just so sorry they have fallen into the meat grinder the Republican Party has become.
I couldn't agree more.
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