Thursday, May 05, 2005
  DeLay's Napoleon Complex
by August Keso

It is painfully obvious that Tom DeLay suffers from a Napoleon Complex. It is a common trait among men with little penis'. They just aren't sure deep down inside, if they are man enough to take on the world, satisfy a woman's needs or confident in their own sexuality. Tom DeLay exhibits all the classical symptoms of a Napoleon Complex. Men that aren't truly confident in their sexuality feel a need, almost a compulsion to bash homosexuals. Guys like DeLay overcompensate, for their sexual insecurity by trying to prove to the world around them that they are indeed real men. Men that don't look at other men "that way" and believe that by bashing "queers", people see them as a man's man.

Generally speaking however, men like DeLay that engage in this absurd behavior are actually trying to suppress the "wood", which stirs and twinges whenever they see a nice lookin' man-ass.Everybody knows that the Republican icons are just a bunch of frauds, and DeLay is no different. It wouldn't surprise me in the least, if we were to find out in five years time, that Gannon/Guckert serviced DeLay on a regular basis.

Take a look at the other wannabe "man's man" Bill O'Reilly. Nobody whines more about the lack of Christ in Christmas, but fewer still have spent so much time on the telephone tugging on their tally-whacker while talking dirty to a woman NOT their wife.

Sean Hannity spends his days trying to convince the world that George W Bush - a pathological liar and manipulator of facts - is the second coming of Jesus, and he one of the Twelve Apostles. Yet, Sean will scream about hating people, call them "assholes" and wonder if the hated person - usually a Democrat - is "pissed" off, but it isn't like Sean "Drunk on Jesus" Hannity "gives a shit".

Rusty "Rush" Hudson Limbaugh the Third, preaches morals and values more often and more rapidly than O'Reilly's sweaty palm shines his pipe, and yet ol' Rusty marries and divorces with greater frequency than Ann Coulter proves her ignorance.

The entire lot, are nothing but a bunch of frauds and DeLay is no different. Other than being a bible thumping Jihadi for Jesus who is as criminal, vile and corrupt as they come, DeLay's need to protest so loudly and so often about gay people, leads straight to the realization that this is a guy who doth protest just a wee bit much. This is indeed a scared little boy who is trying to cover, for a major case of the man-ass arousal problem. But it isn't only Tom DeLay's need to overcompensate in the gay hating department, which points squarely at a serious case of Napoleon Complex.

Two years ago, when confronted by a restaurant manager for smoking on federal government property, Tom DeLay responded, "I am the government!" So sorry Tom, do try and reign in your little penis syndrome, because in the good ol' US of A, We The People are the damned government! You, for lack of a better word, in as much as Gannon/Guckert is yours, are just our little bitch. The people tell you how things are going to go down Tommy, it isn't the other way 'round. The sooner you figure that out, the sooner your ethics and criminal problems are likely to subside.

Even Tom's view of women indicates a young boy trying desperately to be viewed as a man. According to DeLay, "A woman can take care of the family. It takes a man to provide stability." Well, it really isn't likely that someone, so busy trying to convince himself and others that he is indeed a "real man" could speak with authority on that issue. But his statement does again, highlight the fact that he is a male not completely confident in his manhood.

DeLay's Napoleon Complex has been and continues to be manifest on an almost daily basis. The way he huffed and puffed his little chest, as he dove before the microphones to threaten judges over the Schiavo case...judges by the way, like all people Tommy threatens, that he knows aren't going to step-up and kick his silly little butt. His most recent gun waving NRA sponsored "When a man is in trouble or in a good fight, you want to have your friends around, preferably armed. So I feel really good," comments even leaves one to wonder if DeLay has a penis at all.

Indications and evidence of Tom DeLay's Napolean Complex could go on for pages. Suffice it to say, he is like the little bitty dog that barks and barks whenever something or someone comes near. It isn't barking because it is brave and hoping to take on the perceived threat. The little dog behaves that way, because he is terrified of nearly everything in the world that moves...just like Tom DeLay.
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