Tuesday, July 12, 2005
  At Least We Saved Them From Saddam ...
Iraq suspects suffocate in heat
Nine building workers have died in Iraq after being arrested on suspicion of insurgent activity and then left in a closed metal container. Three men survived the ordeal, police sources said, despite being left for 14 hours in the metal container under the burning Iraqi summer sun.

The twelve men had apparently been caught up in a firefight between US troops and Iraqi gunmen, and were detained after taking an injured colleague to the hospital. Police sources said that the men had been arrested on Sunday after a local resident, thinking they were insurgents, called the police.

The police sent commandos who arrested the men and locked them in the metal container about mid-day. By nightfall eight of the men were dead and three were in a critical condition.
The survivors were taken to a central Baghdad hospital where staff said a ninth man died.

A doctor said one of the survivors had been given repeated electric shocks by the commandos.
The survivors themselves were kept under police guard as they were treated and were taken away without being allowed to speak to journalists.

Recently, press reports have alleged police commandos systematically torture and abuse detainees and much of the recent insurgency violence has targeted police commandos. I can't imagine why.
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