Wednesday, October 26, 2005
  What if ...?
What if you had been the winner of that $340 million lottory last week?

What if you had listened to all the advise that your daddy so freely handed out?

What if that hot one you tried to pick up in the bar last night had actually believed your BS?

What if - well, you get the picture. It's called the What IF Game. Here is a great one that is now going around on the web. What if Duhbya hadn't started the Iraq war and squandered over 203 billion dollars of hard-earned U.S. tax dollars over there - so far? What could we have done with that money? Well, here is some perspective on just how much of our money Duhbya has poured down that rathole. For that much money:

We could have fully funded GLOBAL anti-hunger efforts for 8 years.

We could have paid for 26,962,984 children to attend a year of Head Start.

We could have paid for health insurance for 12,189,859 children for ten years.

We could have hired 352,790 additional public school teachers for ten years.

We could have provided 9,868,665 students four-year scholarships at public universities.

We could have built 1,832,965 additional housing units.

We could have fully funded world-wide AIDS programs for 20 years.

We could have ensured that every child in the entire world was given basic immunizations for 67 years.

But no. Duhbya had rather spend our money on depleted uranium armory piercing bullets and super napalm bombs (M70). Of course, most of it he handed out to buddies in the form of no-bid contracts. Too bad there wasn't enough left over to buy body armor for the troops but, oh well. As Rumsfield said, "You fight with the army you've got, not the one you have to pay for." Maybe that's not an exact quote, but I'm sure I captured the meaning close enough for government work.

And by the way, speaking of Rumsfield, who out there really believes that Duhbya actually masterminded everything that has gone on in the last five years? I want everyone who thinks Duhbya is actually that smart to pat your head, rub your stomach, stand on your left leg, and jump two steps to your right. Just as I thought. Nobody believes that.

Steven Pizzo summed it up pretty well when he said:

"GWB – a kind of Forrest Gump from the Dark Side. A man ignorant, proud of it, and willing to take direction from those he considered friends."
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