Friday, November 18, 2005
  Billions for Bombs - Crumbs for Children.
The new budget bill passed in the wee hours this morning by the House of Representatives is an outrage to civilized society, a society to which this congress and this administration can no longer claim membership. The Republican supported plan ripped enormous holes in the already tattered safety-net of programs for the poor, college students, single parents, and disease control.

If you are one of the lucky ones whose job has not been out-sourced to another country yet, you can help by volunteering in your community to open some new soup kitchens. We are going to need them. This bill eliminates 74% of current food stamp recipients from the program, leaving only 80,000 people who will still qualify for assistance. This is in a country were it is now estimated that 12,000,000 people go to bed hungry every night.

Let’s see now. If we took the $6 billion a month we are spending to train terrorists in Iraq (oh, excuse me – I meant fighting insurgents) and divided it up between those 12 million hunger people, they could spent $500 a month EACH on groceries. Well, of course, we can all see how absurd that would be. People who produce food never contribute as much money to politics as people who produce weapons.

In addition to the food stamp program, the bill cut deeply into money allocated to the agency that enforces court ordered child-support. Now, dead-beat “dads” who just don’t want to pay child support can not be forced to pay it.

Well, that’s OK. A single mom can always sign up on food stamps to keep her kids from starving. Oh yeah – forgot there for a moment - no more food stamps. And money for college – that was drastically cut back too, and Medicare benefits and, you remember Duhbya saying he was “gonna protect us all from the burd flu”? Well, money for the Disease Control Center got cut back too...

Well, OK, you might be saying, “I’m really sorry but times are tough. Our country is deep in debt. We’ve got to cut somewhere.”

Guess what. At the same time the Republicans were taking food out of the mouths of children and making medical care more expensive, they gave the richest 1% in the nation another 70 billion dollar tax break.

The bill does not reduce spending. It does not reduce deficits. What it does do is give 50% of every tax dollar to the Defense Department so they can continue to drop white phosphorous on civilians in Iraq and run gulags around the world.

This bill is truly an outrage to civilized society. Strange that our government is not outraged.
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