Thursday, November 17, 2005
  Open Letter To Tucker Carlson
I read your article on MSNBC website concerning your interview with Professor Stephen Jones. I did not see the interview but have read extensively on different hypotheses concerning 9/11. Obviously I wouldn't be writing if I didn't take issue with your article.

You state, "When one of my producers first told me about him, my first thought was: Stephen Jones is insane." Then, in the same paragraph you say, "In the interest of open-mindedness, we booked him." Obviously a contradiction and proof of a previously conceived notion of the "truth."

As far as Professor Jones being "totally incapable of explaining his own ideas" and "an epically bad guest" may I remind you that six minutes is a short time to explain anything in layman's terms that has to do with physics. Further, physics and astronomy professors are not known for their ability to do so. Even the great communicator and astronomer Carl Sagan needed an hour every week and a million dollars worth of computer graphics to convey some simple ideas to the American public.

Perhaps if you had truly had an open mind and done a little homework on Professor Jones' 9/11 theory, you - being the suave, debonair professional interviewer you are - could have done a better job of asking intelligent questions that would have encouraged Jones to get to the nitty-gritty of his theory.

What really encouraged me to write this letter though is the following part of your article:

"...a lot of people seem to think it's possible that the U.S. government had a hand in bringing down the World Trade Center buildings.

Ponder that for a second: The U.S. government killed more than 3,000 of its own citizens. For no obvious reason. Then lied about it. Then invaded two other countries, killing thousands of their citizens as punishment for a crime they didn't commit. If you really thought this - or even considered it a possibility - how could you continue to live here? You couldn't. You'd leave the United States on the next available flight and not come back. You'd have no choice. Continuing to pay taxes to a government capable of something so evil would make you complicit in the crime."

While I am not sure that I completely agree with Professor Jones, I think there is some merit in his assertions. I also believe that there has never been a thorough, unbiased attempt to determine exactly what did happen that tragic day.

Right now, it is sort of like solving a single murder. You look for motive, opportunity and weapon but the big question is, who benefits the most? The answer to me is obvious. The beneficiaries were Bush, Cheney, Big Oil, the Neo-Conservatives, Haliburton, and a host of other administration cronies.

As to leaving this country because a bunch of opportunists are using this tragedy to rob this country of its wealth and to steal the freedoms from its citizens, I say, "No thanks." This is my country. I will stay and fight for my birthright that is guaranteed me by the Constitution. One of those rights is to look at the evidence available to me and then make up my own mind. Right now, the evidence available to me tells me that the official story of 9/11 is hogwash.

Then comes the wrap up of your story, which from a logical point of view is itself hogwash:

"So of course most of the people who wrote to say they think the government might have been behind 9-11 don't really think the government might have been behind 9-11. For whatever reason, they just like to say so. Which as far as I'm concerned makes them phony and irresponsible."

All I can say to that is, I'm sure you know a lot more about being phony and irresponsible than I do.

Then you go on to say:

"Incidentally, we still have an open mind here on the Situation, even after Professor Stephen Jones. So if evidence ever does arise that the government lied substantially about what happened on September 11th, we'll be on it immediately. I promise."

One thing I will agree with; your mind is as open as it ever has been. However, I doubt if you would know evidence if it ran over you in the middle of the street and apparently logical argument also eludes you. But there are people who do understand logic and higher math. Professor Stephen Jones is one of them. I promise.
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