Wednesday, December 21, 2005
  Professor Cheney to teach Economics 101
"Woe to you legislators of infamous laws . . . who refuse justice to the unfortunate, who cheat the poor among my people of their rights, who make widows their prey and rob the orphan."
-- Isaiah 10:1

Now, that the repuglicans have "saved" $40 billion this morning by slicing off more aide to foodstamp recipients, benefactors of student loans and Medicaid, they will have to do something to restore the delicate monetary balance. Since they have, in essense, taken $40 billion out of circulation they will be anticipating a small downward blip in earnings of their base - that is, the richest 1% of America. It was a close vote. So close, that VP Cheney was called in to exercise his constitutional duty to cast the deciding, tie-breaking vote. He voted to cut off the aide.

Since this money was taken from the poor who recklessly squandered it on healthcare, food and education at the bottom of the economic pile, it actually turned over in the economy several times before reaching the coffers of the elite. Each time it turned over, it generated taxes and created jobs which it will no longer do.

To make up for that, it is obvious that it is now necessary to give the richest 1% at least an $80 billion dollar tax break. This will stimulate the economy and create an untold number jobs and taxes as it trickles downward to the poor and downtrodden who will now be able to find a job for $5.15 an hour.

That is, it will trickle down if the rich spent it or invest it, but the rich have this nasty habit of just taking excess funds above a certain point and sticking it in the bank. Worse yet, they have been taking all their extra tax breaks and investing in foreign manufacturing plants which don't help the poor here in the US at all.

Surely, Mr. Cheney will explain it all to them. I know he understands how it all works and I just know he wouldn't deliberately cast the deciding vote to take the food out of children's mouths unless he had an alternate plan. I'll just bet he's setting up an Economics 101 class for the super-Rich right now.
I can tell that you are angry, angry, angry.

Good writing though!
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