Tuesday, March 21, 2006
  It's been a good war …
… for Big Oil

“I love the smell of burning crude in the morning. It smells like record profits!” With this slight alteration to Robert Duvall’s famous speech from the movie “Apocalypse Now!”, it is easy to imagine Dick Cheney making this speech. Of course, the movie would have to be called “Iraq – Apocalypse Now II!”

This is a subject I have written about many times before. When Bush said “Mission Accomplished” he spoke the truth. He just wasn’t talking about liberating Iraq. What he was talking about was liberating Big Oil to make Big Profits.

Ari Fleisher summed it up in the original announcement, three years ago, at the beginning of the illegal invasion in Iraq. He called it “Operation Iraqi Liberation.” That’s O.I.L. for short, but when Karl Rove about had a stroke over that, it was quickly changed to “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” O.I.L. was never heard of again and neither was the guy who thought it up.

So, is there a correlation between happenings in Iraq and Big Oil Profits? Here are two sets of numbers:

Set One: In 2002, before the Iraq invasion, the top five oil companies made $34 billion profit.

Set Two: Just three short years later, after disaster followed disaster in Iraq, and the situation went from bad to absolutely horrible; with oil production in Iraq almost at a stand-still, a funny thing happened. The top five oil companies increased their profits by 332% to a world shattering record for any industry ever in history of $113 billion for the year.

What do you do if you want a company to fail? That’s right. You take a man with a proven track record of failure who has never seen any reason in his entire life to change his course. Then, you put that man in charge of the company. You surround him with a bunch of “yes” men who will tell him everything is going great when it is actually going to hell in a hand basket. Then, you just sit back and wait.

Why would you want to do that? When that company goes down the drain, whatever product that company makes will soon be in short supply. so if you’ve got a company that makes the same product you are going to see your profits rise.

This would be especially profitable if you could get someone else to bankroll the takeover of the company plus furnish the labor to do the really dirty dangerous work, and, in addition, outsource on no-bid, cost-plus 25% contracts to you and your friends all the other stuff without any oversight and without any accountability!

Just something I was thinking about today when I paid my last thirty-five dollars for a tank of gas.
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